Zuma are the makers of hot chocolate, plant based powders, sauces and chai. They are loved in cafes all around the globe.

Zuma have been creating their collection for over 15 years, so there’s a drink for everyone. From our White Hot Chocolate and Thick Hot Chocolate (so rich you can rest a biscotti on it), to our Fairtrade and organic options.

When it comes to hot chocolate they like to keep things simple and won’t compromise when it comes to taste and quality.

Most of their hot chocolate is made with just cocoa and sugar. (no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives).

Zuma care about where their cocoa comes from so they support the work of the International Cocoa Initiative (ICI) to protect children and tackle child labour in West African cocoa-growing communities.

They also work with El Ceibo who use organic methods and today grow an estimated 70% of the total organic cocoa cultivated in Bolivia. At El Ceibo, farmers grow cocoa locally and process it on site, so more of the profit stays with the workers and their families. The quality cocoa is grown without using chemical pesticides or fertilisers. El Ceibo farmers share their knowledge from farmer to farmer to increase productivity and improve quality, much in the same way we share our knowledge with customers.

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