Mad About Nature

Mad About Nature, are a family run business based in Leicester, (Midlands, UK).

The idea started as they noticed lots of family members with varying degrees of eczema, I have become familiar with seeing the uncomfortable itching / scratching cycle of poor conditioned skin.

Their soaps are made using the traditional cold processed method which retains all the goodness and the natural moisturiser – glycerine. Most commercial soaps have this lovely ingredient taken out which is why soap can be very drying on the skin. ​

No artificial ingredients and no unnecessary chemicals are added to produce colour, fragrances, texture or added preservatives. Only fresh and natural ingredients are used, such as pure essential oils, dried herbs and flowers, and a variety of specialty oils such as cocoa butter, coconut oil, olive oil and lots more.

Mad About Nature are a small, developing local business with an aim to use sources that are environmentally friendly – they recycle as much, and compost as much as they can, minimal packaging is used which can be recycled and we believe strongly in reusing wherever possible.

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