My Little Grocer is passionate about transparency in industry and are so proud to work with the companies we do to bring you a genuinely sustainable option, from suppliers who truly care.

Kit & Kin

Kit & Kin are committed to protecting your little ones now and in the future. They have teamed up with World Land Trust (WLT) to raise awareness of rainforest conservation and to help save and protect threatened habitats across the world. Not only that, but they also help to fund sustainable community development projects in Guatemala, empowering young women and children through education, healthcare and family planning. Thanks to your support, we can continue efforts to protect the planet for generations to come and make a real difference to lives around the world. Buy an Acre Programme The importance of the rainforest cannot be underestimated, a vital eco system that provides clean air and life saving medicines: 25% of all medications used worldwide originated from the rainforest Only 1% of the rainforest has been analysed for its medicinal benefits At the current rate of deforestation the rainforest will have been destroyed in only 40 to 50 years Thier commitment to the earth: For every 10 customers that buy a Kit & Kin nappy subscription, we will fund the purchase and protection of one acre of tropical rainforest though WLT – and for every product purchased from our website or our retail partners, we’ll also make a donation to WLT. WLT works to protect some of the world’s most biodiverse and threatened habitats, acre by acre. To do this, WLT empowers local NGOs by providing finance and technical support to create and expand nature reserves, restore degraded habitats and ensure they are permanently protected. An essential part of WLT’s philosophy is always to work through local partners and acknowledge local expertise. Donations to the Buy An Acre programme allow WLT’s local partners to purchase and secure critically threatened forest habitats in Argentina, Ecuador and Mexico, helping to create permanently protected nature

Maverick Coffee

‘Quality coffee at home, at an affordable price without harming the planet.’ Natalie and Pippa; Co-owners of Maverick Coffee Company are the people leading the UK on the Sustainable Coffee Pod Movement. They are a small, independent UK based company bringing you the Seal Pod. SealPod capsules are a new eco-friendly way of brewing coffee using your Nespresso® or Dolce Gusto® coffee machine. Instead of using single-use plastic pods, you can now use stainless steel reusable pods time and time again, without sending any more plastic capsules to landfill. Why go reusable? Since BBC2’s Blue Planet highlighted the devastating impact single-use plastic is having on the environment, we have seen a monumental shift in consumers changing their buying habits and choosing more sustainable options. Nearly 1/3 of Brits own a Nespresso or Dolce Gusto coffee machine, yet sadly most of them do not recycle their pods and that means nearly 1 BILLION single-use capsules end up in landfill every single year. By making a switch to reusable SealPod coffee capsules, you’re reducing that amount of waste and helping to create a better future for our planet. SealPod coffee capsules have other great benefits, too: – They’re made of hard-wearing Stainless Steel, so they should last for years. – They’re easy to clean. – They’re easy to pre-fill and store, for added convenience when you’re in a hurry. – You’ll save money on expensive single-use plastic pods. – You’ll have complete freedom over your coffee choice (perhaps you have a favourite blend that you drink at a local coffee shop?)

Mad About Nature

Mad About Nature, are a family run business based in Leicester, (Midlands, UK). The idea started as they noticed lots of family members with varying degrees of eczema, I have become familiar with seeing the uncomfortable itching / scratching cycle of poor conditioned skin. Their soaps are made using the traditional cold processed method which retains all the goodness and the natural moisturiser – glycerine. Most commercial soaps have this lovely ingredient taken out which is why soap can be very drying on the skin. ​ No artificial ingredients and no unnecessary chemicals are added to produce colour, fragrances, texture or added preservatives. Only fresh and natural ingredients are used, such as pure essential oils, dried herbs and flowers, and a variety of specialty oils such as cocoa butter, coconut oil, olive oil and lots more. Mad About Nature are a small, developing local business with an aim to use sources that are environmentally friendly – they recycle as much, and compost as much as they can, minimal packaging is used which can be recycled and we believe strongly in reusing wherever possible.

Zero Waste Club

Zero Waste Club predict they have offset over 100,000 pieces of single use plastics from entering our environment thanks to the introduction of their reusable products. Reusing items means that there is no need for continue to buy disposable goods. So saving litter and resources. They also plant a tree for each and every item sold. So far we have offsetting 307,828kgs of CO2 per year. These tree produce enough oxygen to support 930 human beings every year. As the trees mature, and produce seeds, they will give birth to millions and millions of new trees. So one act of planting one tree, will result in a multiplication effect of millions of other trees. Animals are friends and have equal rights to thrive. So we will never ever use animal flesh or other parts in our products. To ensure that none of our bamboo or wood is from habitat forests, we ensure to use FSC certified materials. Which means that the bamboo is grown in man made protected bamboo forests that are harvested every 3 years. Rather than cutting down natural habitat. Having a good income to live happily is very important. So at Zero Waste Club, they ensure our artisan and makers are paid way above the minimum wage and have great working condition. They also show where in the manufacturing country the product is produced and the working hours the makers work. It’s important to know where your product comes from and what the working conditions are like for those who produce the product.  

Dri Pak

Dri-Pak is a family owned business spanning three generations, with sites in Ilkeston, Derbyshire and Manchester. their business has continuously evolved since the 1960s, from packing food salt for the grocery trade into producing and supplying traditional cleaning products to the retail trade. At Dri-Pak, they realise that the world is changing, and more focus is being placed upon environmental sustainability, which is why they try wherever possible to take the sustainable route in business. For example, the soap in our liquid soap flakes contains no palm oil. Soda Crystals and all the products in their ‘Clean & Natural’ range have not been tested on animals and are also suitable for vegans. Their ‘Clean and Natural’ range have strong sustainable and environmental credentials themselves, but we have also reduced the amount of packaging in our products, and use recycled and recyclable materials wherever possible.

200 Degrees

Our locally sourced specialist coffee roasters, based in Nottingham. 200 Degrees roast their Rainforest Alliance coffee at around 200 degrees Centigrade, giving it a smooth taste, less bitterness and a very simple name for the company. All of their green coffee beans are ethically sourced and roasted by hand, using traditional methods with a little bit of help from modern technology. They do this to ensure they always deliver outstanding coffee to our mugs, which are hand made to the highest quality, and are exceptionally fresh. Enjoy your cup, courtesy of 200 Degrees.

Happy Larder Co.

Not sure about a loose leaf tea life? Let Happy Larder Co. rock your world. They an extremely conscious and life changing brand, delivering the most divine loose leaf tea whilst contributing their profits to help charitable organisations who support female survivors of domestic violence and human trafficking.


Skincare is a crowded market, and ‘natural’ is the new “normal”. Each product in Upcircles range sources and rescues by-products from other industries – the food and drink industry in particular. In recent years there has been a dramatic rise of natural, then organic, then vegan and cruelty-free beauty, but Upcircle believe circular / by-product beauty will be the next step.


Georganics create a truly pure and conscious option for oral hygiene. All products are hand-crafted in small batches and are made from only natural ingredients that are sourced as locally as possible. Georganics packaging is specifically designed to produce no waste to avoid clogging up landfill sites. This way, you can take care of your oral hygiene safe in the knowledge that you are doing well by the planet.


Hodmedod is a small but growing independent business, founded in 2012 to source and supply beans and other products from British farms. They are committed to providing delicious food and quality ingredients from British farms that’s more sustainably produced. All Hodmedod’s pulses and grains are British-grown, and mostly organic and particularly less well-known foods, like the fava bean – grown in Britain since the Iron Age but now almost forgotten – and black badger peas.

Kentish Condiments

Kentish Oils & Kentish Condiments are proudly owned by Kent-born Laura Bounds who has built the business on a passion for British food & drink. Only the finest ingredients are used to produce their award-winning range of Rapeseed Oils, Dressings & Mayonnaises. Every bottle & jar is produced by handm in small batches and is quality checked & packaged with love. Kentish Oils Rapeseed Oil has been produced at their SALSA accredited farm-based unit since 2008 with 100% traceability back to the field the oilseed has been grown on. By carefully selecting only the very best varieties of rapeseed that has been grown in Kent, and then cold pressing & filtering, they are able to produce a nutritious rapeseed oil with a distinct colour & flavour. The whole range is Red Tractor certified, guaranteeing the provenance of the oils & condiments from farm to fork.


Zuma are the makers of hot chocolate, plant based powders, sauces and chai. They are loved in cafes all around the globe. Zuma have been creating their collection for over 15 years, so there’s a drink for everyone. From our White Hot Chocolate and Thick Hot Chocolate (so rich you can rest a biscotti on it), to our Fairtrade and organic options. When it comes to hot chocolate they like to keep things simple and won’t compromise when it comes to taste and quality. Most of their hot chocolate is made with just cocoa and sugar. (no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives). Zuma care about where their cocoa comes from so they support the work of the International Cocoa Initiative (ICI) to protect children and tackle child labour in West African cocoa-growing communities. They also work with El Ceibo who use organic methods and today grow an estimated 70% of the total organic cocoa cultivated in Bolivia. At El Ceibo, farmers grow cocoa locally and process it on site, so more of the profit stays with the workers and their families. The quality cocoa is grown without using chemical pesticides or fertilisers. El Ceibo farmers share their knowledge from farmer to farmer to increase productivity and improve quality, much in the same way we share our knowledge with customers.

working together

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