3 Pack of Dreamy Double Cloths


Pack of 3 Cleaning Cloths.

Hand Made from organic bamboo toweling and super soft waffle cotton on the reverse side.

Ideal reusable replacement for throw away sponges and sponge cloths used in the kitchen or the bathroom.

Perfect for cleaning kitchen surfaces, polishing furniture, washing dishes, shining glasses, wiping up spills, cleaning the bath, for using in the bath- slightly exfoliating waffle cotton and super soft organic bamboo. Wow. Can you think of any more?

Bamboo is great around the home and against the skin as it is naturally antibacterial.

Washes up to 40 degrees and comes out the dryer soft and fluffy. For best drying its recommended that you stretch the waffle cotton slightly and drape over a radiator of clothes horse.

Keep washing and reusing these cloths for anything and everything around your home.

Hand Made in Burbage.

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