Chicken Seasoning 10g


Our chicken seasoning is an exciting melange of flavours including dried onion, salt, red & green bell peppers, garlic, black pepper, parsley, tarragon, paprika, demerara sugar, ground lemon peel and celery, all finely ground and blended to help bring chicken ‘to life’ with delicious flavours that really bring out the flavour of chicken and poultry.

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You can use our chicken seasoning in several ways, as a dry marinade for chicken and turkey, it goes really well with grilled chicken breasts, simple give your chicken a generous coating of this seasoning and leave to marinade for 1 hour, or overnight in the fridge if possible to allow the flavours to permeate the meat.

Alternatively mix with oil and make a liquid marinade to soak your poultry in. Add to homemade chicken burgers, and chicken pie bases for extra flavour.

Add as a seasoning to soups, stews and casseroles, it can also be used to make delicious stuffing’s instead of the usual sage and onion. Add to savoury crumble toppings, pies and breadcrumb coatings for chicken, and also to gravies and stocks for additional flavour.

This seasoning can also be dusted on a roasting chicken or turkey to add additional flavour.

To use as a marinade use 1 teaspoon per person mixed in a little olive oil, coat the chicken with the mixture and allow 1 hour for the flavours to permeate the chicken.

Fry the chicken on both sides until golden and then finish cooking in the oven.

Shelf life of two years provided that goods are stored in an airtight container in ambient conditions.