Conscious Convenience

My Little Grocer is a little independent grocery store, delivering every day essentials to your door.

Our aim is to make a conscious way of life more convenient for more people.

Where possible we source stock locally, and made in the UK, and always use UK based suppliers.

Come visit our Little Refill Station and lets minimise single use, plastic waste that is contaminating our beautiful habitat, and together, create a clean and sustainable way forward without compromise.

In your little grocery store, you’ll find you everything in 100g measurements so you can order exactly what you need and work out just what you need when booking a refill.

Our bottles are made from recycled glass and our foods come in biodegradable packaging, that will degrade within 3 months once it hits landfill. Still creating useful gases but not lingering around for many years to come.

Have your ethical, every day essentials delivered to you with piece of mind.

Together, we can make a difference.



For those who don’t know me, my names Nicky.

As my friends put it, ‘I’ve always been into this shit’.

I have wanted to own my own little shop since forever and during lockdown, with time on my hands and no childcare to pay for,

I was finally able to chase my dreams.

It was a bit of an accident though.

At first, I just sourced flour etc. stuff that the supermarkets could get for us with all the panic buying.

Helping others to help the planet though, honestly makes my heart dance.

Returning to work after having my little girl, my goods were undone. I was back in the ratrace.

I found it so frustrating how inaccessible it actually is to live plastic free, to reduce our waste.

So here we are,

My Little Grocer.

With Love,

Your Little Grocer.